homework 3ème

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Welcome to your page of 3ème inter.

Irregular verbs with pictures complet 4emes3emesinter20152016 1Irregular verbs (1.44 Mo)

 Fun corner :

Play a videogame to travel through American culture.

Does your life sometimes suck? You're not the only one. FML

Grille exposes chanson.Grille exposes chanson. (325.49 Ko)

Séquence "On the trace of the beat."

LISTEN IN for Thursday 10 :

listen to the following document and take notes on your worksheet :

Coming soon ...

Download this powerpoint presentation and study it.

 slavery and musicslavery and music (503.5 Ko)

Prepare 10 "trivial-pursuit" like questions to test your class.



Listen to the 1984 extract and complete your worksheet

Read the book.

If you need a glimpse of Orwell's 1984 before studying the text :