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October/November Specials :

October 4-10  : World Space Week.

October 4 1957 : Launch of Sputnik.

October 14, 1066 : The Battle of hastings, or how William the Conqueror became king of England.

To understand the battle, watch this animated video of the Bayeux Tapestry.


October 7 : World Smile Day! smile.gif



October 31 :

<= Watch Tim Burton's "This is  Halloween" song.

Read the lyrics.

Reading comprehension :

 Learn everything about Halloween.

Download the Halloween webquest.


November 5 : Guy Fawkes's night. Learn about Guy Fawkes and bonfire night.



  Game : Foil Guy Fawkes.

 November 11 : Learn about Poppy Day.



November 22 : President Kennedy is killed.



Why is Thanskgiving linked with the Indians? 

To learn everything about this American celebration :

Do the quiz.


Watch another video and/or browse the website. 

  Do the quiz. 


Watch the Film " HOME",  to remember what treasure the Earth is.



Play many games to remain aware of the beauty of our planet and the importance to preserve it.



Useful links :

 Dictionary :  wr.jpg


 If you want to read in English , you can buy books in English at Le furet :

 Climb up the stairs up to floor 4, find the "langues étrangères/bilingual and readers" department.

 You can read books from the Oxford "bookworms" collection or from the Cambridge University Press "English readers" collection.

 They propose different stages of difficulty.

 Choose the one you think you can read :

 S : starter

 1 : Beginner

 2 : Elementary/lower intermediate and so on.

 Test yourself to find your stage.


Watch TV in original version! (parent supervision required for the younger).

Find a penpal.(parent supervision required).

Learn English with ALLVIDEOS.

Learn English with LYRICSGAPS : Choose your song and the game you want to play.

People talk about interesting things they have seen or done in IWANNATALKABOUT. With the British Council.

Select your level and read articles with TEATIME.

Choose your level and read the news.

This day in history. Discover what happened on this day throughout history.

Practise your pronunciation :   !!! Amazing!!!!

Type in the sentence you want and let  Victor the Robot pronounce it!  (American accent)

Improve your vocabulary in context.

Revise all your basic vocabulary with memovoc.

Improve your reading! A great website with short-stories by theme.