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Story one :

Floriane M.,  Théophile L. ,Lyes H ,Keutcha T.


                   I’m going to tell you the  story of a man. It was 60 years ago. The Caretaker was tidying the basement when he saw a parcel from an Arctic Expedition which he opened. A monster’s hand was moving. Suddenly the monster stood up, it was a VAMPIRE!!!!! The Vampire sucked the blood of the man who was crying. Then the vampire killed all the people on the boat and created an army of vampires to  conquer the World…


Story two :

Bastien M., Mohamed C., Martin R.

There was an old man in an boat hull  who was sweeping up   when he saw a woodenbox ,on it  was written  <ARCTIC EXPEDITION>.He decided to open it. As he was opening the wooden box ,Suddenly a huge monster went out of it  and ate him.

It was a Big Foot!!! After a few minutes, the monster was killing all the crew........


Story three :

( Oriane L, Janna Y, Pierre W., Avigaëlle L. )

A janitor who went to work, inspected the building, then he heard a sound and he went down to the cellar. This mysterious sound was probably coming from a box, he moved closer to the box and..... a zombie went out of this strange box. The janitor hid himself screaming, afraid that the zombie would eat him but also to look at it attentively.
Finally, the zombie ran away,shouting: "haoung-haoung-Me conquer world, haoung- Me kill everybody".
Two days later, the janitor looked for information and saw  "SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY : a zombie was prowling in the street, stay at home locked up, he has already eaten the president and the Prime Minister. He has ripped off their heads and their hearts were locked in a vault, in the library. Do not worry if you see blood dripping down the walls..." Suddenly, the television turned itself off and the lights also. The was no electricity anymore. A few days later, it came back and the zombie was found dead. What happened ? You don't know ? To be continued in a next horror story.

Story four :

(Camille C.,Antoine L.,Maddy L.)

A serial killer's spirit

A janitor was sweeping the cellar of his block of flats, when he saw a box where was written « Arctic Expedition ». He opened the box and a ghost seized him. He felt strange and he became blind for one hour. The poor man passed out. When he came round he was a monster. The spirit haunted him for the rest of his life.

Suddenly, he decided to kill his daughter and he cut the throat of the poor little girl. She was terrified. The monster buried her corpse in the wood. He became a terrible serial killer and his murders were bloodier and bloodier.

Nobody could stop him and his victims were more and more numerous. The more peoplehe killed,  the stronger he felt . One day, he saw a young man in the street and he decided to follow him. His name was Léo and he was very very brave.

Our murderer thought it would be easy to kill him. But Léo was intelligent and spotted the janitor behind him. The killer decided to wait and Léo thought he was saved.

During the night,the murderer found Léo.

The boy was reading when he heard a strange noise. He was going down and he saw the janitor. He was running upstairs and closed his door. He took his father's sword out of the drawer  and he decided to kill the murderer. When the janitor came into the room he planted the sword in the belly of the killer. But quickly our janitor gained the upper hand.

'Please, please !You shouldn't kill me ! You're not this person !'shouted Léo.

The murderer wasn't speaking and he cut Léo's throat  as he had done with his little girl.

The next morning, the police found him.He was next to Léo and he was dead too.

Some people think the spirit haunts another man now.

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