octobre novembre

October/November specials :                                              

October 4-10  : World Space Week.

October 4 1957 : Launch of Sputnik.

October 7 : World Smile Day! smile.gif

October 14, 1066 : The Battle of hastings, or how William the Conqueror became king of England. To understand the battle, watch this animated video of the Bayeux Tapestry.

October 31 :                                                                                                                                                       Read the lyrics.

pumpkin.jpghappy halloween    

Spooky britain

November 5 :  Guy Fawkes's night. Learn about Guy Fawkes and bonfire night.

Click on the picture above 

After watching the video, revise the vocabulary with this learning app .

November 11 : Learn about  POPPY DAY!                 remembrance-poppy-badge.gif

November 23 : Thanksgiving : Why is Thanskgiving linked with the Indians?  To learn everything about this American celebration :

Do the quiz.