blog 4eme 5 LV1. 2009/2010


It was in 2002, I was on a  mission and I had to protect the Queen in Russia.

Someone put a trap in the street and the Queen had to go in this street. She wasn't captured since I was captured by the trap. After that I was abducted by the kidnapper who was wearing black clothes and a black hat.  I wasn't able to see his face.

The next thing I remember is when I was being interrogated by the kidnapper who was a woman. I was put to prison. Then for dinner I was only given  a cup of water. At the night I wasn't able to sleep, as I was thinking about  how I would manage to escape. Finally I was released because I wasn't the prisoner the girl had to kidnap. 



First,my secret agent,Andrew was on a mission in Moscow.
He had to steal computer  information. Andrew was walking in the market of Moscow when he found a base which was hidden behind the wall. Andrew was searching for a PIN number in order to enter this base.
After that, he found it.He was walking in an alley,when 2 men captured him.Andrew's eyes were covered with a scarf.The 2 men caught him ans pushed him into a car. Andrew felt something sting him, then he fell asleep.Suddenly,the car stopped.Andrew woke up on a chair and the 2 men were in front of him.
Andrew  understood,that was a questioning and that he would be worked over.
The 2 men approached  Andrew and the first man had a knife.His knife was near by Andrew's neck.
Andrew was hit by the second man. Andrew was bleeding a lot because he was injured.
The 2 men wanted information about Andrew's boss.When a spy woman appeared,Andrew hit the 2 men and with the woman's help,he managed to escape.


My name is Romain, Romain Canonne (agent 003)
First, we were on a mission in Afghanistan, we were two secret agents.

We were sent by the British government to search for two journalists who had been kidnapped. We were in a desert area, protected by the French army. Suddenly, Talibans and rebels who were equipped with automatic weapons surrounded us. We were attacked, then we were kidnapped. The army wasn't able to do anything, we were taken hostages. We had to follow them.

Then we were given neither food nor water. After that we were tied in a secret room with the two journalists. We were tortured, yet, one day we were released. We never knew exactly what had happened, maybe it was for political reasons, or maybe because the English government didn't want to lose us as we were brilliant secret agents.

It was the most frightening mission I've ever done.


First I was on a mission in china (in Pekin) in 1934. I was spying on thieves when I was kidnapped by two women and five men, I was really scared!!!
I was pushed in the boot of a big car, I was threatened by a woman who had black eyes and red hair. Suddenly I felt a gun on my head then I was tied by a man who had a round face, brown hair and blue eyes. I was tortured and as I was being interrogated by their boss in the cellar of a shed, I was hit by a second man and by his wife too, finally when the left, I managed to go out because I had a knife  and I  cut the rope and came here!!! ...



It was in 1989, I was searching for a Russian terrorist who had found refuge in Moscow. First, I moved to Moscow with my dog 004 in register to succeed my mission. My mission was to spy on Annushka Viktorovna, a terrorist, and to discover where he sequestered a few Germans, some of whom had already been assassinated. For this, I pretended to be called Arisha Gorlanova and my dog became Arkhip.

After that, I went to the most famous hotel in Moscow. When I went into bed, I fell into a trap and 3 very sturdy men  captured me and they took me to the den of Annushka. They tied me on a chair; they blindfolded my eyes and my mouth. They wanted to know who had hired me and what for. As I wouldn't answer, they began to torture me.


Then, they held me in captivity, they hit me, they tried to make me talk by putting salt on my feet and asking goats to lick my soles but this goat didn't like salt, I was very lucky.

Finally, Arkhip found the key to the room where I was locked. He managed to free me, we caught Annushka and we took her to prison.



My mission was to steal guns from Russians spies.

I was jumping into the void from the MI5’s plane, I was stricken with  fear. It was the scariest experience I’d ever lived. Finally, I landed in the snow, near my enemy’s headquarters where the guns were stored. I entered  the place. It was a huge hall. A mouse was being eaten by a very big black cat. I was walking in a corridor when suddenly, a noise behind the cat alerted me. I turned back and I saw a Russian spy. I was being spied on! I had fallen in a trap! I didn’t know why but, immediately, I fell down. I was woken up by noises later. A Russian spy was shouting at me. I was questioned, but I didn’t answer. Consequently, he hit me. I heard voices behind the door. The door was opening, when I heard  M say “we have paid the ransom. Release him.”  I was pushed outside. When we were in the plane, M said “next time be careful”. I was exhausted so  five minutes later, I was sleeping.