blog 3ème 3 LV2. 2009/2010

 troisième 3 :

The most frightening moment of our lives!!!



I will tell you an experience which I will never forget. It was so scary! I went to Greece by ferry. But during the trip, the ferry had an accident...
I was in first class. I lay on a transat during most of the trip. I was sleeping when the captain said the passengers had to keep calm. I wondered what was happening and looked all around me. I was walking on the deck and smelt an horrible smell. I looked above me and saw smoke. I was terrified. Then, the captain told us to go to the rescue boats. I ran to these and I got into one. I moved away from the boat. I was scared.
After the incident, a cargo came to rescue the survivors. I was crying, and yet, I was happy of surviving. I knew I had almost died ! The staff of the cargo tried to reassure us.
I've never been so frightened in my entire life. What a horrible experience ! That's why I've never returned on a boat.

Fahim B

I was in Montevideo for the holidays, with my mother, my father and my sister, given that my mother likes Uruguay.
Indeed, we thought that it was a beautiful town, that is why we visited a lot of monuments. First we saw the harbour, then the Salvo palace. Finally we went to a tYpical house. When we were in the old house, the roof collapsed and it almost fell on my head ! I was terrified since it was very violent ! At that moment I was yelling! The reason why it all happened was an earthquake. the whole dwelling was shaking.
After this traumatic experience, all the visitors were scared. Everybody was running out this horror place, which made us panic. All the people who where outside were crying. We were upset ! I was trembling as I was terrified, like everybody.
I really lived a frightening moment, which I can't forget !!!

Martial S.

The most frightening moment of my life is when I was on holidays in the Himalayas.
I was climbing the Everest with a mountain guide when he suddenly sneezed and an avalanche collapsed on us. Then I fainted. Two days later, I woke up. I was in a cave. I don't know why, but I engraved my name on a stone. I was very tired and I was hungry. I ate a carcass that I found in the cave.
One day, I saw a horrible animal with a big coat that was moreover very big: the yeti. I was afraid and I wanted to run but I had no more energy. A few seconds later, I remembered the comic Tintin au Tibet where the yeti was nice. I hoped it was true and it was. Indeed, the yeti gave me food every day. Two weeks later, I had enough energy to go back to France. Consequently, I left the yeti to go back to France.
What a strange experience!!!

Aymeric C.

One evening, my father and my mother were going out. As a result I had to look after my brother and my two sisters.
I watched television, I crossed the corridor, I went up stairs, I brushed my teeth, I retreated to my bedroom and I lay in my bed when suddenly I heard a very strange noise which was the same noise as the noise when my father, my sisters, my mother, my brother or myself draw the stools of the kitchen on a tiled floor...
Who could be in the kitchen at that very moment? Certainly not my parents because they were not there yet, my sisters and my brother were sleeping, so who? A fool, a thief, a serial killer or maybe someone else? I tried to relax: I put some music, as loud as I could, so as to cover this strange noise.
When my parents arrived and heard my music I explained them everything. Then they told me that nobody was in the kitchen, it was just... our own neighbours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie-Aimé T.

The most frightening moment of my life happened one afternoon of December...
I was walking back home. When I arrived, I saw that the door was slightly open! Normally, I'm always the first!
I thought my mother was sick and could not move.
But once arrived, the house, which is always tidy had been sacked : papers were on the floor, the furniture were had been moved... In addition, there were feathers in the living room and on the stairs.
Moreover, the butcher's knife, which we never used, was no longer hanging in the kitchen...
Surely a burglar... Or a murderer?!
In any case, I didn't understand why there were feathers...
Suddenly, I heard a noise coming from the cellar!
I plucked up enough courage, and took a bat with both hands, and I ran down the stairs.
So much fear to see my father, knife in hand, running after a chicken, which he wanted to cook for dinner.
Apparently, he had been running for a long time, for all the feathers in the house...
More shaken than hurt!

Marc -Antoine M.

I was in a park with friends when two boys, the first one very tall and the other one smaller, came up with bikes. I was playing football and my cycle was just next to me.

The taller boy asked me if he could try my bike, of course I refused because his face didn't inspire me any trust. After that, he told me : "let me try your bike or I steal it", but in spite of his ultimatum, I didn't lend him my bicycle.

I was really scared because I knew that if I didn't give him my bike, he was going to take it himself, and I didn't want to fight .

Finally we decided to leave the park unobtrusively, but he managed to overtake us. I was extremely worried as I knew he was very likely to steal my bike, which he finally managed to do. It was the first time that someone had tried to steal something from me, and that really terrified me .

Aurélien W.

Last summer, we went to England for our Holidays. We took the
ferry boat from Calais to Dover. We boarded at 2 p.m. I was very
excited for it was the first time I was going to London.
The French coast had disappeared.
Suddenly there were huge waves and the boat lost its balance. At that
moment we were on the deck and we all fell. I was petrified and my
brother was crying. Some ladies were screaming. A lot of children
were yelling.
Thanks to my parents, we managed to get into the ferry. I couldn't
speak anymore and I was trembling. I thought we were in the
Titanic and I was sure we are going to sink. I closed my eyes
and I collapsed. When I woke up, I was lying on a bed. The sea
was calm. My mother told me that there had been only two big waves.
We arrived in London where I spent very good Holidays.

Eulalie V.

What a scary experience! It was four years ago when I was in the hospital. I had a terrible stomach ache that was why I was feeling faint. My pain was so intense that I thought I was dying.
I was waiting when the doctor, who was in white scrubs, came into the room. He told me that I was suffering from appendicitis!
"What is this disease? Is it deadly?" I thought to myself. I was frightened, I trembled. Was I going to die? No I wasn't. Luckily, he told me that I wasn't dying.
I just had to undergo a surgery to be saved. However it could be dangerous, moreover I hate operations, as a consequence, for me I was going to die.
What would happen if I awoke during the operation? Would I be in pain?
No, I didn't want to be a post-operative patient. I didn't want the surgeon, who I considered like a butcher, to cut my appendix off my body, yet I accepted for I didn't want to die.
I've never felt so terrified in my entire life.

Florian D.

Last year I went on holiday to Tunisia with my family. We travelled by plane . For me, it was the first time I had been flying. I couldn't hide my fear, the idea of being 8000 meters above the ground did not really appeal to me. On the contrary, my family was cool about it.
But I did not show my fear because I was a little ashamed, especially when the stewardess on board showed us the gestures to do ... in case of trouble.
I knew that the most dangerous moments during a flight were the taking off and the landing. So, when the plane took off, I could feel my head stuck against the seat, a feeling I found it awful . ...
Once in the air everything went well. We were able to walk down the aisle which was quite fun at times, when you had to keep your balance.
When we landed, I was scared again . But we were lucky to have a smooth landing without any problem. Now I know this fear is ridiculous because flights with serious problems are rare.

Thomas S.

I was in London with my family for a few days when we decided to spend a day in a theme park. My parents wanted to sit in a pub whereas my sister and I preferred to try scary attractions. First we started with the switchback. We thought that it was frightening. However it wasn't really. We were even a bit disappointed.
Then we decided to go on with the ghost train. I'm usually quiet but this time I panicked when I saw a big ghost falling next to me, lots of vampires and skeletons sitting in the cars. My sister also scared me shouting in my ears and frightening me.
It was terribly dark and I didn't think that I could be afraid of the dark.
I was sweating when I left the train. My sister was laughing at me!
We finally looked for our parents and came back to our hotel because of me.

Segolene M.

The most frightening moment of my life.
I was 6 years old , it happened in my house , with my parents ,my brother and my sister who was just 3. It was 8:30 PM; mum was telling me a story.
Then, I tried to sleep even if I wasn't tired; moreover, something like a strange noise made me start.
First, I was curious and I was wondering what that was. Nevertheless the noise didn't stop, and I started to be scared.
My parents were sleeping; I think it was about midnight, that's why I didn't want to disturb them.
I thought that a person was in my house: a thief! I trembled.
I was really frightened.
It was now 1:00 AM; on my alarm-clock and I still wasn't sleeping.
Then, the scary noise disappeared and I started to sleep.
The next morning , I woke up for some people were speaking in the kitchen , I walked downstairs and my father explained me that last the night before people had broken into our place and stole our our 4 bikes , some money and my mother's bag.
Finally, two weeks later, the police found the burglars and we decided to install an alarm system.
It is probably, the most horrible experience I have ever lived!

Juliette L.

Two years ago, I was driving through Corsica with four friends when I had the biggest fear of my life.
During that trip in the car, as we were going down a hill the car started to pick up speed, then the brakes broke. To make matters worse, at the bottom of the hill there was a bent, where we had to slow down to turn left. The car ran into the security divider and we rolled over. At that moment we all believed we were going to die.
However in the end it was just an accident, and only the car was broken. We are fortunate that this particular story had a happy ending as we all walked away alive.

Augustin d'A.

When I was 7 years old, my brothers and sisters left with my grandparents to have a walk in a park.
My mother was sleeping and I was playing and watching TV, when we heard the phone ring. My mother picked it up, listened, and turned pale.
I asked him her what was going on ...
My family had had an accident : my grandfather was driving and my grandmother was shouting. The car where my brothers and sisters were sitting started spinning and bumped into a tree.
My mother and I ran to the hospital to see how they were going.
Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but they had been very afraid. My grandfather was very embarrassed and my grandmother was very nervous. My mother took my brothers and sisters in her arms and laughed. The doctor told us it was serious, but he was only joking.
I've never been so frightened in my entire life! It was really scary!

Amélie R.


The most frightening moment of my life, was the day when I got my mobile phone stolen.
On that day, I was walking quietly into the street, to go to the cinema, where my friends were waiting for me. FOR Fear of being late, I was watching the time on it. At the same time, I received a text message so I was trying to answer. At that moment, with my mobile phone in hand, I was thinking about the wonderful afternoon that I was going to spend.
It was also the moment when two people, hidden away, thought of robbing me. I walked on ,moreover, I was walking towards them, without knowing what would happen to me.
When I passed their hiding place, they both jumped on from the back, and they got me on the ground, me and stole my mobile ! I was crying and screaming! I was also watching them run away, being unable to catch them.
Finally, the beautiful afternoon I was to spend had just disappeared.
I therefore believe that I've never been so scared in my life and especially afraid for my own life ! I hope not to have to relive it one day.

Ambrine W.

I was nine it was in March. I had a big pain in my stomach. My parents didn't understand what was happening. They took to the doctor who immediately understood what the problem was. He said I had to be operated on. The nurse explained me that it wasn't important; they said me "don't worry, it is just a formality."

I didn't believe them since I had heard the surgeon saying to my parents that it was a very serious operation. The closer the day of the operation was, the more anxious I got. Moreover I had a lot of appointement with different doctors as the surgeon or the anesthesiologist, I can't say these appointements reassured me at all.

Then was the D-Day. I clenched my fists as stress overwhelmed me, it was horrible, I thought I was going to die.

Besides, for my biggest annoyance, the nurse asked me my name at least five times during the trip from my bedroom to the operating room. Of course I have no memory from the operation. All what I know it is that I had been frightened for nothing, was a success.

Nevertheless it will stay the most frightening moment of my life. In anyway I keep a beautiful scar from this operation.

Robin L.

Last summer, I was sailing when my boat suddenly took a wind of force six.
All of a sudden, my boat  capsized . I didn't understand what was happening to me. In the middle of the Leman Lake.
I tried to reason : there was probably no danger apart from the fact I was exhausted!
Consequently, I started to go under the boat to make sure everything would keep working once I had turned the boat over. Everything was fine, except when I discovered my leg had entangled into rigging in the meantime. It was horrible.
I had to go back to the surface, breathe, plunge disentangle the ropes, which lasted for ten minutes, ten very long minutes.
However, the punishment still wasn't finished, then I had to climbed on the hull, and catch the drift.
After this terrifying adventure, I returned to the boating base to have a well deserved chocolate.

Niels B.

It was after school at 5.30p.m, I was going outside, I saw a friend on the other side of the street. I did not have time to check if the street was car-free, the light was green, I told myself I did not risk anything.

I took two steps and then, fear seized me in a second. This car went just behind me, it has almost ran me over. I almost felt the door of the car brush my hand, the wind blew in my hair and then nothing...

I was so surprised that I could not move. I stayed there for two or three seconds. It was as if I could not see, I could not hear and I could not say anything. Suddenly my friend called me and I woke up.

Caroline D.

Last year, we were going back to Lille after our summer holidays. We were laughing together and we didn't look out when we arrived at a railway crossing.
The car which was before us didn't move fast forward. We were crossing when the warning lights flashed on and off and the gates closed. We were blocked on the rails so we began to panic and tried to force the fence.
I was so scared that I could not move anymore. My sisters tried to open the doors but it was blocked by the child security. I was terrified and we began to cry when we saw the train. It was rushing towards us at 60 miles/hour. The conductor braked suddenly but it was too late, the train was too fast and was going to crash into us.
My father went to open the gate but he didn't succeed in doing so and a man, who was in another car, came in order to help him. They finally managed to open it. We went out of the rails and the train passed behind us. We were saved! We thanked the man and we invited him for dinner.

Louis D.

I was in the United States but I don't remember the exact name of the place where we were. I set off in search for adventure in the mountains. There were a lot of bears but I wasn't afraid to fight them with my stick. The hotel was in the heart of nature , I couldn't go out in the night because of them.
One day, I had been walking alone in the mountains for four hours. I was completely exhausted, I was very afraid when I saw a bear. Fortunately it was far from me.
I hid myself in the bush. Then after 1 hour, I was able to leave. When I arrived in the hotel, everybody haD been looking for me. They had been afraid during all this time.

Guillaume B.