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For december 20

Listen to the doc 3 times,

write a recap about each interviewee 

contrast the 2 stories

 Pour mercredi 29 décembre : COBAC "racism".

Format COBAC avec les beeps et les silences à télécharger ici.

le corrigé!le corrigé! (371.49 Ko)

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Une autre CO :

an interesting report on the deportation of Mexicans.

"Anyone who seeks and is approved for refugee status in the United States must first go through a rigorous security screening process." —Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson

Refugees in the US.

Webquests :

Presentations for december 5th :

Present and explain your findings to the class in a clear, logical and understandable way  to the class, with a poster or powerpoint presentation.( NO PREZI ALLOWED)

Email me your presentation, I won't let you USB my PC.

Take turns to speak,  write the most important facts on the board or show them on the poster or powerpoint.

20 words in notes, not one more. You cannot read the powerpoint if there are more than 20 words on it.

Have a look at the other groups'tasks to make sure you are not "encroaching on their territory."


Group 1 : immigration vocabulary, Green card and U visa.

Go to these websites :

Explain to the class the words used to refer to US citizens and immigrants : Citizen, naturalized citizen, legal permanent resident, illegal alien, undocumented immigrant.

Explain clearly what a greencard is

and the conditions you must meet to become a US citizen.

Give information about the document(s) you must fill and the cost and the test(s) you must take.

Explain what a U visa is.



Group 2 : Melting-pot and Salad bowl

Explain the origin of the term “melting pot” :

What does it mean? Where does the expression come from? Is this concept true today?

Why do people tend to refer to the phrase “salad bowl” now? How different is it from a melting pot? Illustrate your answer with precise examples.

Read these articles and summarize the different views of assimilation that are given. What is considered as a "factor of integration"?


Group 3 : Look at this map of the US and read the names of the States and major cities.

 Find out about the different origins of some of these names here or Here.

 Explain the different origins of American names of cities and states. : ( Origin after origin for a more constructed presentation).

Where the names come from, under what circumstances the names were given.

. Then create a matching exercise in 3 columns with 10 place names on the left , the meaning in middle ( no French please) and their origin on the left.


Group 4 :  Latino immigration : push and pull factors.

focus upon the different areas where Latinos are concentrated today  here.

In terms of geography, history and politics, and economy, find why Hispanics choose to immigrate to the US.

Divide the reasons into :

  • push factors ( they involve  forces which act to drive people away from a place )
  • and pull factors (what draws them to a new location.

 Group 5 : Write a definition of “ The American dream”. What values does it embody?

Then present  4 famous and inspiring American immigrants who have fulfilled this dream and tell their story. Find examples that will sound serious for your classmates to use at the exam. Say why you think they have achieved the American dream. Not Schwartzeneger orJohn Lennon please.



Group 6 : The impact of immigration : Explain what positive influence immigration has on the USA. Classify your example in categories. 

Compare people's preconceived ideas to reality.


Group 7: The  EU migrant crisis :

Explain the recent wave of migrants to Europe :

Their origin, the different reasons why they leave their countries of origin ( explain briefly the different conflicts they are fleeing)

Explain what different obstacles they have met so far, who welcomes whom or not.

Watch this video  EU migrant crisis .



Why do people emigrate?